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Only events sponsored by IGO and its members will be detailed on this page. Please visit our Events Map page for a clickable map and list of many more events in and around Iowa and the mid-west.

Only events posted from the Iowa Geocachers Organization account are recognized and sanctioned by IGO. Feel free to promote IGO at any/all events but please refrain from using the IGO name unless your event is formally endorsed by the IGO Events Committee and subsequently posted using the IGO account at Geocaching.com.

Upcoming event caches in IOWA include...


Sorry, there are no future propsed events in the system at this time.


Shaded dates in the calendar below indicate Iowa event cache (or proposed event) dates for 2012.


MOGA (Mid-West Open Geocaching Adventure) is NOT an IGO event. In fact, it started as a SLAGA (St. Louis Area Geocachers Assoc.) event and has evolved into a mid-west tradition that may pass from one organization to another. Even though IGO has never been involved in planning or hosting this event, we have had a small contingent of cachers from Iowa present at the last couple of MOGA’s...and those who attended have had a good time despite some trying conditions. MOGA is a great early-Spring outing for anyone who enjoys geocaching and IGO encourages all members to consider participation in this event.
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